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Review of Mental Health Quality Accounts

A Quality Account is an annual report which each NHS provider organisation publishes and sets out a summary of the quality of NHS healthcare services provided by that organisation in the past year, as well as the priority areas where they are planning to improve quality in the coming year.

The Quality Account is the published output of a process involving patients, staff and the community as well as local Primary Care Trusts. It is part of a continuous quality improvement process of raising standards within the NHS. Further information on Quality Accounts can be found on the Department of Health website.

NHS Hospital Trusts published their first Quality Accounts report at the end of June 2010. The Quality Account will be published on the Trust's website. You can find your local Trust's website by going to NHS Choices.

This spreadsheet is the result of a review into the 2009/10 Quality Accounts for Mental Health Trusts across England. The work was commissioned by Tees, Esk & Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust and input was also received from Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust. In total 59 Mental Health Trust Quality Accounts have been summerised. The format outlined in the Quality Account Toolkit has been used as a template for this analysis.

Part 1:
- Statement on quality from the Chief executive

Part 2:
- Priorities for improvement
- Statements relating to quality of NHS services provided

Part 3:
- Review of quality performance
- An explanation of who you have involved
- Any statements provided from your commissioning PCT, LINks or OSCs

Part 1 has not been commented on, unless some part of the statement relates to another section, such as how priorities were reported on etc. Parts 2 and 3 form the structure to this spreadsheet and can be navigated through the "Index" sheet.

Mental Health Trust QA Documentation (FINAL)
XLS Mental Health Trust QA documentation (FINAL).xls
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