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Internal incidents monitoring in mental health Trusts

A six-monthly report produced by NEQOS on the reporting of incidents affecting patient safety in subscribing mental health organisations.

The NEQOS report looks at the reporting of incidents to the National Learning and Reporting System (NRLS). It includes the latest figures produced by the NRLS, and using the NRLS figures allows comparison with other mental health organisations. In addition, provisional, more recent local Trust figures are included, to allow consideration of the trends in the Trust. Explanations for changes in trends are provided where possible, including descriptions of actions taken to address concerns identified in previous NEQOS reports.

The report considers the Trust’s performance with regard to the NRLS reporting process, the numbers and rates of incidents overall and the numbers and rates of incidents by category and by incident type. For each of these, there are, where appropriate, two components:


  • analysis of internal trends – to increase understanding of the type, frequency and patterns of incidents within the Trust; and,
  • comparison with other mental health organisations – to identify potential areas for action, for example any areas where the subscribing Trust’s performance appears worse than others.


Relevant trust documentation on guidance and reporting pathways is considered during the preparation of the report, to see whether there had been gaps or areas where there might be opportunities for improvement.


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