The North East Quality Observatory Service (NEQOS) provides quality measurement for NHS organisations (both providers and commissioners)

NEQOS leads on the measurement programmes for the Academic Health Science Network in North East and North Cumbria.

NEQOS services are delivered by clinical epidemiological expertise combined with high level analytical skills.

NEQOS has Service Level Agreements (SLA) with subscribers, which provide core projects and services as well as tailored bespoke projects.

NEQOS is also commissioned to deliver for specific quality measurement projects.

NEQOS is managed under a joint agreement between Northumberland Tyne and Wear and South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts.


NEQOS supports NICE as its National Collaborating Centre for Indicator Development



Facts of Life Report
Commissioned by the North East and North Cumbria’s Child Health and Wellbeing Network, NEQOS have just produced a report designed as a snapshot of children’s, young people’s and maternal health in the North East and North Cumbria. It summarises the...

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NEQOS Population Health & Healthcare Surveillance – Impact of COVID-19
Report 1 This surveillance report provides timely activity data relating to areas of concern in the NENC area due to COVID-19, based on rapid impact assessments that took place in Spring 2020. This includes metrics which report delays in presentation...

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NEQOS drives the quality agenda by making information and data available to allow front-line quality improvements in six key areas:


We view our clients as partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve better knowledge, better care and better outcomes.

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