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NICE Quality Standard Implementation for Acute and Mental Health Trusts

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) quality standards are concise sets of prioritised evidence-based statements designed to drive measurable quality improvements within a particular area of health or care. NEQOS can investigate how concordant an Acute or Mental Health Trust is with particular NICE quality standards.

NEQOS scopes then produces profiles of Trust performance against selected NICE Quality Standards (QS) using routine data sources. Where possible, the profiles also compare their performance with other local Trusts. An advantage of benchmarking against QSs is that adjustments for population and case mix are not usually required, as the good practice identified in the QS should be standard across all providers.

While there are limitations in using routine data to assess performance against NICE QS (as local audit data is often also required), NEQOS is an ideal position to identify and use the fullest range of available data (including national audit data) due to our extensive experience in this field and our clinical engagement. We also liaise with national data providers with the aim of improving their outputs for future QS measurement.

NICE Quality Standard (QS) profiles produced by NEQOS to date include profiles for:

QS10: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

QS93: Atrial Fibrillation – treatment and management

QS6: Diabetes in Adults

QS1: Dementia

QS11: Alcohol Dependence and harmful alcohol use

QS17: Lung Cancer

Profiles currently in development or planned to be delivered over the next year include:

QS1: Dementia (an extended version)

QS14: Service User Experience of Adult Mental Health Services

QS86: Falls in older people

QS37: Postnatal Care, and QS22: Antenatal Care

QS39: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

QS80: Psychosis and Schizophrenia in Adults

QS51: Autism


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