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Quality account benchmarking for Mental Health Trusts

NEQOS works to support Mental Health Trust subscribers to benchmark the indicators included in  their Quality Accounts, in comparison with Mental Health Trusts across England.  There is no routinely available source of comparative data from Mental Health Trusts’ Quality Accounts, therefore, NEQOS analysts manually review all 55 English Mental Health Trust Quality Accounts to extract their published indicators. For those indicators which are either mandatory or common across Quality Accounts, the data is summarised in a single table which compare the subscribing Trusts with the national average and selected ‘peer’ organisations (see Figure for an example)

mh-quality-accounts table

This report is produced annually and provided at the start of the year to assist in Trust production of the subsequent Quality Account.  In order to produce this report for north east organisations, data for all 55 English Mental Health Trusts are reviewed, therefore it would be relatively straightforward to produce a national report or reports for other Mental Health organisations outside of the region.


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