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Hip and Knee Replacement Dashboard published for subscribers

Hip and knee replacement dashboard from NEQOS

NEQOS has developed the Hip and Knee replacement dashboard to provide a more detailed overview of the quality of care for elective hip and knee replacement procedures.  The dashboard enables Trusts to monitor enhanced recovery pathways by including length of stay and emergency readmissions within 30 days of discharge.  The dashboard is currently refreshed twice a year in March and October and distributed to subscribing Trusts in the north east.

This dashboard consistently uses the NJR definitions for identifying hip and knee replacements for all indicators developed using HES data and this approach has been supported by the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA), British Hip Society (BHS) and the British Association of Surgery of the Knee (BASK).

It is important to note that the dashboard provides an overview of the Trust and highlights where the Trust is different from the national picture and there is a need for further investigation to ascertain if there is an issue with the quality of the data or the quality of patient care.

NEQOS would be happy to support Trusts who would like to interrogate the patient level data to better understand the issues highlighted for them.