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Suspicion of Sepsis (SOS) Dashboard: Trust Comparisons for NENC

Patients with Suspicion of Sepsis (SOS) are important both in terms of their resource use and the outcomes for these patients.  There continues to be a national focus on sepsis and SOS due to its high mortality. This resource has been produced so that trusts can see how they compare within the region. We hope that by providing this resource in an accessible format it will be useful to trusts – please contact Tony Roberts at t.roberts@nhs.net if you would like to know more.
NEQOS have produced a short set of slides which gives comparisons of the indicators contained in the national SOS dashboard for the acute trusts in the region showing:
1. the trend in emergency admissions overall, for SOS and for those coded to sepsis;
2. the trend in the length of stay for SOS and in the proportion of emergency admissions which are for SOS;

3. the trend in the proportion of emergency bed days which are for SOS and the proportion of ICU bed days for SOS;
4. the trend in SOS outcomes for readmissions and the mortality.
Further information and supporting documentation can be found, along with the original dashboard, under: https://www.sos-insights.co.uk/